GT-4420 4-20 mA Analog Loop Surge Protection Module

This product has been discontinued. This web page is provided so current customers using the product can have a quick reference for specifications. Please contact Automation Electronics for current products that may meet your needs.

The GT-4420 provides surge protection for four two wire 4-20 mA current loops powered from 24 VDC.

The 4-20 mA field inputs are terminated at 300 V barrier terminals, and are protected with a combination of series resistance, a 230 V gas tube, series inductance, and a 31 V metal oxide varistor. The protected signal lines are then available for connection to analog to digital converters, chart recorders, etcetera.


Size: 3" x 5" PC board
Mounting: Snap track
Input information
Protected inputs: Four differential
Gas tube: DC spark over voltage 230 V
Inductor: 680 uH, 12.25 Ohm
Resistance: 10 Ohm, 1/2 W
Metal oxide varistor (MOV)
Maximum input working voltage: 31 VDC
Maximum clamping voltage: 79 VDC @ 51 pA for 8/20 uS
Peak current: 250 A
General information
Transient protection: Meets or exceeds IEEE 472.1974 surge withstand capacity (SWC) tests (ANSI C37.90a-1794)

Consult the factory for optional voltages.