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Controller boards

These products have been discontinued. This web page is provided so current customers using the products can have a quick reference for specifications. Please contact Automation Electronics for current products that may meet your needs.

Automation and Electronics has been producing programmable controllers since 1978. In addition, we have OEM relationships with other controller manufacturers and have ported some of our more popular applications to their hardware for customers with special needs.

If you are looking for simple remote I/O monitoring and control or for intelligent expansion products for your existing controllers, we have an increasing selection of networkable Smart I/O Cards to select from as well.

608 SBC

608C Controller Board608C controller board

The 608C is the work horse of our controller product line. It is programmed either in ladder language or C. Our Falcon C development system provides for multi-tasking, priority driven task control in a ANSI-C language environment, complete with software debugging tools, compiler, linker, and assembler. Applications have included pump off control, water and gas injection control, NIST-14 computations, AGA-3 computations and other numeric intensive applications.

604 SLCR

604 SLCR Controller Board604 SLCR controller board

Our 604 SLCR is a low cost ladder language programmable controller. It is suited to smaller applications.



The EZ-RTU is a general purpose single board RTU with an integrated spread spectrum radio, C programmable core processor, and a limited number of on-board I/O. Lots of expansion I/O is available with our Smart Card I/O series of RS-485 networked I/O modules.

The Simple RTU

Simple RTUSimple RTU (SRTU)

The Simple RTU is the answer for many low point-point and point to multi-point SCADA applications where reliable data transfer is the key.