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DIF8 Discrete Input Field Terminator

This product has been discontinued. This web page is provided so current customers using the product can have a quick reference for specifications. Please contact Automation Electronics for current products that may meet your needs.

Discrete Input Field TerminatorDiscrete Input Field Terminator

The DIF8 board contains 8 optically coupled discrete inputs.

Each input termination of the DIF8 board is completely transient protected and optically coupled to isolate surge currents and voltages from entering the main circuit board. The DIF8 board provides R/C filtering and logic level conversion components to convert noisy input signals into clean logic levels which the processor can read without error.

The DIF8 board has protection ground and field sourcing voltage terminal blocks. Proper fusing is also provided to protect the circuit. Each channel has an LED which turns on when an input field contact has been generated. Two power indicating LEDs are also included. They are lit when power has been applied to the board.

The DIF8 board connects to our Micro Expander Bus (MEB) board through a 16 pin ribbon cable.


Size: 3" x 5-1/4" PC board
Mounting: Snap track
Power requirements
Typical: 275 mA with all inputs active
Input information
Isolation: 1500 VDC
Transient protection: 15 Ohm series resistance with 170 V transorb
Filtering: R/C 10 mS typical