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AEPOC Discrete Input Option daughterboard (DIO)

Digital input expansion cardDigital Input Expansion I/O card (DIO) for AEPOC

The DIO card contains 4 optically coupled discrete inputs.

Each source to ground input termination of the DIO card is completely transient protected and optically coupled to isolate surge currents and voltages from entering the main circuit board. Proper fusing is also provided to protect the circuit.

Each channel has an LED which turns on when an input field contact is present.

The DIO card option provides the AEPOC with 4 additional discrete inputs.


Size: 3" x 2-1/4" PC board
Mounting: AEPOC daughter board
Power requirements
Typical: 12 VDC poly fuse at 500 mA
Input information
Isolation: 1500 VDC
Transient protection: 1000 Ohm series resistance with 27 V transorb