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Smart I/O cards

These products have been discontinued. This web page is provided so current customers using the products can have a quick reference for specifications. Please contact Automation Electronics for current products that may meet your needs.

SDAM A/D input card

Over the years, we have produced a wide variety of I/O related boards for our controllers. As time has progressed, we have moved from the historical ribbon cabled boards toward networked 485 based smart I/O boards. This page lists most of the current models of cards that fall into the smart I/O category. Most are networked 485 cards with their own processors that perform scaling and communication related operations.

485 Modbus Networked Smart Cards

SDAM A/D input card
The SDAM Smart Card provides eight analog inputs.
SDAO D/A output card
The SDAO Smart Card provides two analog outputs.
SPCM A/D input, D/A output card
The SPCM Smart Card provides four analog inputs with four additional analog monitoring values (loop fault, ambient temperature, supply and loop voltages) and one analog output.
SDIM accumulator input card
The SDIM Smart Card provides eight accumulator inputs.
SDIO discrete I/O card
The SDIO Smart Card provides 48 discrete inputs and 48 discrete outputs.
STRB turbine meter input card
The STRB Smart Card provides four turbine meter inputs.
PDAM A/D expansion card
The PDAM is a piggyback module that can be added to any of our networked smart cards to provide an additional eight analog inputs.

All 485 Modbus Networked Smart Cards operate on a RS-485 9,600 baud serial channel. Communications are via MODBUS RTU protocol. All have addresses are set via DIP switches.

Miscellaneous Smart I/O Cards

TURBO-4 turbine meter input card
The TURBO-4 board processes turbine meter input signals, displaying rate, frequency, and total counts. It outputs a pulse at a programmable number of input pulses.