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Touch Pump Control System (Touch PCSM)

Front viewFront view

TOUCH PCSMTM is a simple touch screen based control system that monitors tanks and controls pumps for small to medium sized community water supply systems.

Our integrated solution provides the control for a distributed water supply system. With this system, the pumps and tanks can be located in different locations throughout the community and surrounding areas. The control system has been developed to work with a wide variety of communications equipment, including licensed and license free data radios.

It is based on flexible software components that are custom configured for an installation rather than programmed. This saves on system engineering costs as the software is customized by configuration, rather than written from scratch. It also increases the reliability since the software components have been proved through years of service.

The hardware components have also proved their reliability through extreme temperature ranges in remote environments. Expansion modules allow for adding additional Input/Output to the Master and Remote units.

System overview display

Operation and Totals Displays

The touch screen display provides the operator with an intuitive, easy to operate view of the system. This display can also be provided with a modem to allow the operator to remotely view and operate the system from a remote PC using a standard web browser.

The system overview display provides current information about each running pump, including Hand/ Off/ Auto status and run status for Auto. The pump display also shows the current measured flow rate. It includes a summary of the active alarms and the current tank level.

Pump view

Tank view

Using the pump and tank displays, the operator can operate any of the pumps, set pump operating levels, determine system status, and diagnose water system problems. An event log function is also provided to determine when a system upset happened, when it was noticed, and when the problem was cleared.

The pump display includes the total flow today, pump run time today, and number of pump starts today. It also includes the current pump status and flow rate. The tank display provides visual start and stop set points for each pump, lock and cycle controls, start and stop delays, alarm limits for tank levels and delays, and the current tank level.

Totals view

TOUCH PCSM also can keep track of the pumps' production, run time, and starts. This helps the operator with the monthly and yearly reports. It also provides some history on the motors for diagnosing and predicting pump life expectancy. The totals display provides a summary of this information for each pump, giving total, today, yesterday, this month, last month, this year, and last year values.

Hardware Required

Typical configuration
Master Control Unit: Automation and Electronics, Inc. 608C Intelligent Controller
Remote Telemetry Unit: Automation and Electronics, Inc. SRTU Simple RTU
User Interface: Integrated 8 inch color touch screen display
Optional Dialer: Provides immediate notification of system alarms
Communications: A wide variety of licensed and unlicensed communications options are available


Typical configuration
Maximum configuration: 2 tanks
10 pumps
10 RTUs
Options: Optional alarm dialer
Optional modem for remote display