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Weather information

Weather Summary 9/20/2021 01:44:37
Casper, WY45 °Fred thermometer0 MPH North green arrow pointing at 0 degreesSky Clear, 10 statute milesclear sky
Cheyenne, WY48 °Fred thermometer35.7 MPH gusting to 55.2 MPHWest/Northwest green arrow pointing 292.5 degreesBroken at 7500ft, Solid Overcast at 9500ft, 10 statute mileswind sock with lots of clouds
Rawlins, WY43 °Fred thermometer0 MPH green arrow pointing at 0 degreesFew at 7000ft, Solid Overcast at 9000ft, 10 statute mileslots of clouds
Gillette, WY46.9 °Fred thermometer8.06 MPH West/Northwest green arrow pointing 292.5 degreesFew at 5500ft, Solid Overcast at 10000ft, 10 statute mileslots of clouds
Dickinson, ND50 °Fred thermometer9.21 MPH West green arrow pointing 270 degreesSolid Overcast at 7500ft, 10 statute mileslots of clouds
Weather information is provided as a service to our employees to give them some information about what the recent weather has been like where they may be headed or where equipment problems have been reported. The weather information is updated from the weather stations every ten minutes and archived for one day so some weather history can be provided. Weather reports are then prepared from the locally archived data.