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TURBO-4 4 Channel Turbine Meter Input Board

4 channel turbine meter input board4 Channel Turbine Meter Input Board

The TURBO-4 is a microprocessor based four channel turbine meter input board.

Each turbine meter signal can be programmed with a divisor from 1 to 999,999. The resulting solid state output represents a unit volume of liquid or gas. This output pulse can be interfaced to RTUs, computers or PLCs for further totalization or processing.


  • Programmable microprocessor design
  • On board operator interface - 2 line x 16 column LCD display with keypad
  • Divisor to 999,999
  • Programmable output pulse duration
  • Low power
  • Compatible with industry standard turbine meters
  • Displays rate, frequency and total
  • Dry contact pulse input option


  • Flow monitoring for leach mining
  • Oil field water flood monitoring
  • High speed front end for programmable logic controllers (PLC)


Size: 4-1/2" x 9" PC board
Mounting: Snap track
LCD: 2 line x 16 column ASCII display
Keypad: On board tactile switches, 0-9, decimal point, <, >, function, clear, enter
Terminal blocks: High density plug on
Operating temperature (standard): 32 to 122 deg. F (0 to 50 deg. C)
Operating temperature (optional): -4 to 149 deg. F (-20 to 65 deg. C)
Power requirements
Typical: 60 mA @ 10.5 to 30 VDC
Inputs / Outputs
Transient protection: Inputs designed to meet ANSI/IEEE STD C37.90.1-1989(R1994)
Inputs: Four turbine meter
Sensitivity: 30 mV to 1 V
Frequency: 10 Hz to 3 kHz
Outputs: Digital pulse output is optically isolated sink or source
Output drive: 50 mA @ 30 VDC
Output pulse width: 1 mS to 500 mS
General information
CPU: 2 MHz 68HC11
Communications: RJ-45; RS-232 @ 9,600 baud for diagnostics and configuration