Big Piney, WY weather

Big Piney-Marbleton Airport (AMOS), Big Piney, WY: 6/25/2016 08:53
Visibility10 statute milesclear sky
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Area Summary
Sky/CloudsSky Clear
Weather [last 24 hours]None
Pressure30.34 in.Hg (1028 hPa)
3-hour Pressure Tendency0.03543 in.Hg (1.2 hPa) Increasing, then steady, or increasing then increasing more slowly
Dew Point19 F (-7.2 C)
Relative Humidity25.1 %
Temperature54 F (12.2 C)red thermometer
Reading TimeMinimum to Maximum Temperature
6-hr ending 6/25@05:5334 F to 53.1 F (1.1 C to 11.7 C)
6-hr ending 6/24@23:5352 F to 75.9 F (11.1 C to 24.4 C)
6-hr ending 6/24@17:5375 F to 82 F (23.9 C to 27.8 C)
6-hr ending 6/24@11:5337.9 F to 77 F (3.3 C to 25 C)
24-hr ending 6/25@00:5337.9 F to 82 F (3.3 C to 27.8 C)
Wind0 MPH (0 KT) green arrow pointing at 0 degrees
Wind FromNorth (000 Degrees)
Rolling 24-hr Peak Wind39.1 MPH (34 KT) on 6/24@18:03
Rolling 24-hr Peak Wind FromWest (260 Degrees)
Twilight Begins05:08Sunshine Yesterday
Twilight Ends21:39
METARKBPI 251453Z AUTO 00000KT 10SM CLR 12/M07 A3034 RMK AO2 SLP193 T01221072 51012