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EDD Super Sized Repair, Refurbish, Upgrade Kits

Recharge your turbine flow meters with new EDD super sized kits.


The features of the EDD supersized line include:

  • Three bladed rotor to allow more fluid and trash passage
  • Reduced fouling and plugging of turbine meters
  • The rotor is silver soldered to the shaft (compared to Loctite® used on traditional shafts)
  • Heavy duty shaft provides additional durability

EDD kits retrofit into turbine meters of similar design!

Product Samples

EDD Standard Turbine Meter Repair KitsEDD Standard Turbine Meter Repair Kits

Are you thinking of upgrading, repairing, or replacing your existing turbine meters. These are some samples of our standard kits.

EDD BF Series Turbine Meter Repair KitsEDD BF Series Turbine Meter Repair Kits

We also supply meter repair kits for BF meters and those of similar design. Contact us today to see if we can solve your problems competitively and quickly!.