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Auto Batch II

Auto Batch II ready to identify rolling stockAuto Batch II ready to identify rolling stock

Automation and Electronics has been involved in the automation of the coal mines of Wyoming. Our products have helped protect workers from mine flooding, provided general electrification of facilities, and provided GPS equipment to aid in extraction and hauling of coal from surface mines.

With Auto Batch II, we have moved into load out automation. Our AutoBatch II product loads trains reliably, quickly, and safely. The PLC controlled system automatically fills and dumps the hoppers and monitors the weight loaded into each railroad car, controls the chute and gate operation and prints a ticket with individual batches or the total in each railroad car as required by the application. It is a great solution for loading of each car of a unit train to its designed capacity.

Accurate car weighing elementsAccurate car weighing elements

Operator control through HMIsOperator control through HMIs


Auto Batch II consists of either one or two approved indicating elements and weighing elements, a computer (tested with a Compaq Deskpro® 800 MHz Pentium® III with 256 Mbytes RAM), a touch screen or standard CRT display for the RSView® workstation, and a touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface) mounted in the loading console with controls for the chute and gate operation. There are options for local and/or remote printer(s).

AutoBatch II has multiple batching capabilities. Semiautomatic zero, semiautomatic tare and stored tare entries are standard features. Single or dual displays can be active, depending on system in use.

Rockwell RSView or other HMI displays are available. Rice Lake IQ+810 indicating element (Certificate of Conformance number 92-013A3) or other equivalent NTEP certified indicating elements are offered. This open architecture system is designed to be maintained by the production team. All code is documented and accessible for modification by authorized personnel. A&E provides support 24x7, with programmers and technicians available. The operator's IT department can authorize VPN support for remote troubleshooting.