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AE Turbinator

Outside viewAutomation Electronics Turbinator

The AE Turbinator is designed for facilities where there are large numbers of individual turbine meter runs. Each AE Turbinator scales and displays flows from up to 64 individual turbine meter runs.

Since one unit can operate up to 64 meters, the cost per run can be greatly reduced over individual meter totalizers. This saves on equipment costs when measuring a large number of individual flows.

Inside viewAutomation Electronics Turbinator inside view

A color touch screen display provides the operator with an intuitive, easy to operate view of the flow rates and totals. The AE Turbinator has advanced features beyond the normal flow rate and total. These include a large digit color touch screen display, graphical flow rate charting, and flow rate and system event logging.

By adding a radio to the AE Turbinator, it can also interface to a variety of Host computer systems using the widely supported MODBUS communication protocol.


Enclosure: 30" x 24" x 8" NEMA 4X Including Display; 24 Meter version shown above
Display: 5.7" Ultra-STN Passive Matrix 256 Color QVGA LCD Resistive Analog Touchscreen
Operating temperature: 32 to 122 deg. F (0 to 50 deg. C)
Storage temperature: -4 to 158 deg. F (-20 to 70 deg. C)
Typical: Less than 1 A @ 120 VAC, battery backup for operation through a power failure
Turbine Input Cards: Automation Electronics STRB 4 Channel MODBUS Turbine Input Cards
Configuration: 4-64 channels, user configurable turbine or pulse input models available
Turbine Meters: 30 mV to 1V @ 10-3000 Hz
Pulse Inputs: Dry contact or open collector type, 5 VDC @ 2 mA, 0-30 Hz or 0-200 Hz
Other information
User Interface: Integrated 6" Color Touch Screen Display
Data storage: Optional 512 MByte Compact Flash card storage for Historical data (Up to 200 Days)
Communications: Configurable Remote Communications (Consult with the Factory when ordering)