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Facility Controller

Facility controllerFacility controller

The 608C Facility Controller is designed for applications such as Oil Production Facility Monitoring and Control.

The RTU uses the time tested 608C Embedded Controller as a communication and application program processor. The 608C communicates with Automation and Electronics, Inc. family of Smart Networked I/O Modules to access all end devices. In addition, the user can access and configure the unit via a low cost Local Operator Interface. Data is transmitted bidirectionally to a remote Host Computer with Automation and Electronics, Inc's AutoCom Protocol.



  • Low Cost and High Density RS-485 Networked I/O Modules
  • Direct Turbine Meter Inputs
  • Microsoft® CE based Operator Interface
  • Low Speed Accumulator Inputs
  • PID Control Modules
  • AGA-3 Meter Gas Flow Calculations
  • Compatible with OPC Data Access 2.0 families of Host SCADA software from Case Services Cs and SAMS.
  • SAMS Host SCADA Software compatible


  • Tank Battery Monitoring
  • Compressor Station Monitoring and Control
  • Oil Production Facility Monitoring and Control
  • Automatic Well Test
  • Second Source RTU for existing Facility RTUs.


Enclosure Size: 18" x 16" x 8" for Single Well Facility to 72" x 60" x 12" for 40 to 80 Well Unit. Enclosures are NEMA 4 Rated
Operating temperature: -40 to 185 deg. F (-40 to 85 deg. C)
Relative humidity: 5 to 90% non-condensing
Power required
Typical: 110 VAC @ 60 VA
Optional: 12 VDC and 24 VDC
Transient protection
Inputs: Meets or exceeds IEEE 472.1974 surge withstand capacity (SWC) ANSI C37.90.1-1994

Smart I/O Modules

The following is a list of available SMART I/O MODULES that are used in conjunction with the 608C Controller to make up a 608C Networked Facility RTU.

  • SDAM 8 Channel Analog Input Module
  • PDAM 8 Channel Analog Input Expansion Module
  • SDIM 8 Channel Low Speed Accumulator Module
  • STRB 4 Channel Turbine Meter Accumulator Module
  • SDAO 2 Channel Analog Output Module
  • SDIO 48 Digital Input / 48 Digital Output Module

The SDIO is interfaced to Field Wiring with Automation & Electronics, Inc. DIF-8 and DIF-16 Digital Input Modules, and PRO-4 and PRO-8 Relay Output Modules.

Each of these smart modules interface to the main 608C control processor via RS-485 serial communications using the MODBUS RTU Protocol.

A 608C Facility RTU can handle up to 48 Gas Meter Runs and additional Turbine Meter Inputs, actuate Relay Outputs, et cetera. Automation & Electronics, Inc. has supplied many Facility RTU applications over the years. Applications included replacements for existing Hydril Facility RTUs and HP Facility RTUs. Our Facility RTUs are cost effective solutions compared to PLCs.

Digital inputs
Typical: 16
Maximum: 192
Low speed (0-30 Hz) pulse accumulator module
Typical: 32
Maximum: 256
Turbine Meter Inputs (0-3 kHz)
Typical: 4
Maximum: 256
Relay outputs
Typical: 8
Maximum: 192
PID control outputs
Typical: 0
Maximum: 4
12-bit 4-20 mA input module
Typical: 32
Maximum: 192
Meter runs
Typical: 0
Maximum: 48