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Products for Rod Pump Control


AEPOC-2100AEPOC-2100 Pump off controller

Automation and Electronics has been supplying products for the Rod Pump Control industry since the 1990s. We originally produced hardware for SWEPI and took over their software development for our controller in 1994. Many upgrades and enhancements to both the hardware and software platform have occurred since then, leading to the current ScadaPOC and AEPOC-2100 products.

The ScadaPOC and AEPOC 2100TM provide monitoring and control for rod pumps and can report system conditions to a central host computer.

The pump off control algorithm provides basic fluid management. When combined with variable speed drives, advanced algorithms can keep the unit pumping at a lower speed instead of stopping the pump at the pump off point. Either method minimizes wear and tear on the production equipment and improves reliability.

When combined with centralized host systems, these controllers provide dynamic well performance information to the analysts to optimize production further. Centralized alarm reporting also optimizes the time of field personnel.

Both work with a wide range of end devices including polished rod load cells, strain gauges, position switches, potentiometers, and damped and undamped inclinometers. Our many years of experience in the pump off control industry have allowed us to tailor our controller for maximum production even with poorly performing end devices. If the unit operates in an environment where safety is of more concern, then an equipment protection mode can halt the unit in the case of a wider range of problems.

Zap-StixTM provide analog input protection in lightning prone areas providing quicker and cheaper repair for more uptime.

Our new ScadaPOC and AEPOCTM EZ-Viewer makes local setup, monitoring, and analysis of the ScadaPOC and AEPOC 2100 a breeze.

Rod Pump Controllers

DIO Expansion Board

Digital Input Expansion cardDigital Input Expansion I/O card (DIO) for AEPOC

The DIO card provides four additional Discrete Inputs on a plug on daughter board for the AEPOC.

REO Expansion Board

Relay Expansion Option cardRelay Expansion Option I/O card (REO) for AEPOC

The REO card provides four additional Discrete Outputs on a plug on daughter board for the AEPOC.


ZAP-Stix moduleZAP-Stix Analog Input Protection module for AEPOCs

Our ZAP-Stix product provides more convenient lightning protection for the load input on our AEPOCs. Designed with a throwaway sacrificial protection module and an industrial Velcro® (Velcro Industries B.V.) mounted interface board it can be added to any AEPOC 2100 located in lightning prone areas.

ScadaPOC and AEPOCTM EZ-ViewerTM

Card Display

If you are using a hand held terminal, you will find the new software release has made working with the AEPOC much easier.

If you have a lap top computer that you take to the field, then the new EZ-Viewer software provides a great user interface for data retrieval and configuration.

Setup is a breeze with the EZ-Viewer as well. Some screen shots for the configuration wizard along with configuration screens for general information, I/O, alarms, trends, user programs, user interface, and alarm, status, and control mode events are provided.

Data displays organize and show the collected information of the pump off controller in an easy to understand format. Controls are provided on the displays that allow control of the well and data collection.

Local Data Acquisition Add-On Products


The AEPOC can communicate via RS-485 with a SWHC well head controller that provides additional D/I, D/O, and A/Ds, along with gas, fresh water, produced oil, and produced water flow rates and volumes. It also provides run times for the casing pump, feed water pump, and master relay status.

Smart Card Interfaces

The AEPOC can communicate via RS-485 to several of our popular Smart Card devices. Options include a standalone SDAM, a standalone SDIM, a standalone SDIM/PDAM combination, and a SDAM/SDIM combination. If sufficient interest is present, other Smart Cards can be added to the AEPOC in the future.

  • The SDAM provides 8 additional A/D inputs, five of which are mapped to events in the AEPOC.
  • The SDIM provides 8 high speed accumulators or raw D/I values. A PDAM may be used with this card to provide 8 additional A/D inputs to the AEPOC.