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Enhanced oil recovery and extending the useful producing life of existing oil fields is a hot topic at the current oil prices.

One of the methods to boost oil production in existing fields is to inject water or gas (carbon dioxide) into injection wells. This is generally considered to be a tertiary recovery method and is used after normal formation pressure and secondary techniques like gas re-injection and water floods have been used.

Water injection sweeps the oil from the injection sites to the producing wells. Carbon dioxide alters the viscosity of the oil for easier oil movement. The combination of oil, water, carbon dioxide, and natural gas is pumped out of the formation by the producing wells and separated out into its components for further injection processing, sale, or transport.

Our WAG units monitor and control the injection of water alternating with carbon dioxide at the wellhead to facilitate this recovery process from the formation. They can be configured for pressure control with a flow rate limiting option or flow rate control with a pressure limiting option to safely inject water alternating with carbon dioxide into the formation. Pressure fall off, step rate, and step pressure tests provide detailed information about the process to assist the production engineers in optimizing the injection characteristics for a particular formation.

Support for a control valve and an emergency shutdown valve is provided. Manual overrides of valve position are permitted. Support for direct turbine meter inputs and Wedge Meter® or Coin Meter® Flow Measurement for CO2 and H2O is provided. The Fast WAG option on some units allows fully automated injection with interlocked valves.

The units can be solar powered.

WAG350TM SCADAPack® 350 Water Alternate Gas Injection Controller


The popular WAG software package has been ported to the Control Microsystems ScadaPack 350 hardware platform for customers who have experience with that hardware. This package also supports a bluetooth operator interface.

LP_WAGTM SCADAPack LP Water Alternate Gas Injection Controller


A version of our WAG software has also been ported to the Control Microsystems SCADAPack LP hardware platform for customers who have experience with that hardware. It also provides similar features to the original WAG.

WAGTM Water Alternate Gas Injection Controller

608 WAG
608 WAG

The WAG product is our original injection controller that is still in use in many areas. It is based on the 608 hardware platform.

Water Injection Controller (WIC-II)

If you need to control the injection or re-injection of water into a formation, our WIC-IITM injection controllers provide complete monitoring and control of the process. They have the same pressure control with flow rate overrides and flow rate control with pressure overrides as our popular WAG controllers but are configured strictly for water operation to simplify the setup process.

Water Flow Monitor (WFM)

Finally, if you just need to monitor the water volume and pressure being injected, use our WFMTM controller.