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AEPOC-2100 benefits

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When choosing a pump off controller, each customer will have different things that they view as more important. This page details some of the key benefits we think we can provide for your automation solution.

General benefits

  1. Rapid responses to a hardware failure limit damage to the pumping unit and rod string.
  2. Implementing pump off control reduces electrical costs and reduces wear and tear on the rod string.
  3. The AEPOC is easily configurable for a very wide range of rod pumps in many different pumping situations. Configurations provide control for deep or shallow, horizontal, gassy and trashy wells.
  4. The AEPOC works with a wide range of input devices with filtering and other data cleanup provided as needed for older less stable devices. The card data produced continues to earn compliments from well analysts as the standard they judge other controllers against.
  5. The AEPOC controls variable speed drives for increased production.
  6. Loadable configurations provide easy well setup.

Advanced Benefits

  1. When combined with host packages, the AEPOC controllers provide centralized data reporting and control to make more efficient use of your people.
  2. The AEPOC's action and alarm response tailoring allows you to decide how to respond to different pumping events if the defaults don't suit you.
  3. Out of the box, the unit is configured for production. An equipment protection mode is easily configured for drilling in sensitive locations or when older or undersized equipment is being used.
  4. The operating mode can be configured to stop your unit at particular times of the day or days of the week for noise abatement.
  5. The product can be extended by the end user or their IT group to provide features we haven't added yet or to prototype new methods of operation.

Why Us?

  1. Automation and Electronics is not a newcomer to the pump off control market. Our first controller was installed in 1994. Engineering has continued to meet the changing requirements and desires of the pump off control industry.
  2. Finally, in this cost conscious age, the AEPOC is a low cost high value product you can depend on.