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Relay expansion option card
Relay expansion option card

Automation and Electronics, Inc REO board provides 4 additional relay outputs for the AEPOC-2100 Rod Pump Controller.

The REO board piggy backs on the AEPOC-2100 and adds four Form C relay outputs to the AEPOC. These relays can be operated through the event structure or user programs for general purpose control output.

The REO uses miniature sealed printed circuit board latching relays. SPDT form C contacts are brought to 300 VDC terminal blocks. Two relays are automatically reset with hardware, and two relays maintain settings (latched) during power outage.


Size: 3" x 3" PC board
Mounting: AEPOC daughter board
Output information
Style: 4 ea. DPDT Form C relays with one pole driving external output and one pole driving indicating LED
Rating: 2 A @ 30 VDC, .6 A @ 125 VAC
Transient protection: 150 Vrms Metal Oxide Varistor