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AEPOC ZAP-Stix load cell input lightning protection module

ZAP-Stix (tm) Analog Input Protection moduleZAP-Stix (tm) Analog Input Protection module for AEPOCs

Automation and Electronics, Inc. ZAP-StixTM Lightning Protection Module for Load Cells provides enhanced lightning protection for the polished rod load cell or beam mounted transducer input to the AEPOC-2100 Rod Pump Controller.


The ZAP-Stix Module is comprised of two components: a permanently installed terminal board ZAP-Stix-TB and an active protection module ZAP-Stix which is a throwaway plug-in component.

ZAP-Stix provides transient over voltage protection for the AEPOC Load Cell input circuit, and additional surge protection for both the Load Cell and AEPOC board, by circuit path interruption.


Terminal Board (ZAP-Stix-TB)

Size: 1.2" x 1-1/2"
Mounting: Industrial Velcro®
Five Terminals: 4 active load cell, 1 shield

Disposable Protection Board (ZAP-Stix)

Size: 1-1/8" x 1" PC board
Input information
Transient Protection: 18 Volt bi-directional voltage clamp with controlled current interruption
Max Load Current: 150 mA per circuit

ZAP-Stix-TB load cell input protection moduleZAP-Stix-TB AEPOC-2100 Load Cell Input Protection Module

Zap-Stix disposable load cell input protection moduleZap-Stix AEPOC-2100 Disposable Load Cell Input Protection Module