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AEPOC EZ-Viewer General Configuration

Time of day configuration

Time of day

Time of day setup provides for worldwide installation. The AEPOC handles northern and southern hemisphere daylight savings time adjustments and timezones West and East of Greenwich. The internal timekeeping functions of the current AEPOC provide for accurate displays of time between 1970 and 2106.

Communication configuration


All communication related parameters and history are provided on a configuration tab.

Unit configuration

Basic unit configuration

The AEPOC is generally configured with particular parameter settings that are unique to a particular customer and provide for rapid field setup of new units or reconfiguration of old units that come back from repair.

Special purpose library function configuration

Specialized library functions

The AEPOC comes with several library routines that configure the AEPOC to perform special purpose actions that aren't needed in all fields or preset parameters in particular ways that customers have found useful. These library routines can be specified through this configuration screen.