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AEPOC EZ-Viewer HHDT Emulation

Generic Splash screen HHDT emulation display

Splash screen


New AEPOC selection HHDT emulation display


If connecting to a new AEPOC, you must configure how to connect to it.

Existing AEPOC selection HHDT emulation display


Existing AEPOCs can be selected from a list. This action associates a particular set of files on your disk with the EZ-Viewer allowing you to keep units separate.

Establishing a connection on the HHDT emulation display


Connection attempts are made and status is shown as the connection attempt completes.

Scrolling HHDT emulation display

Normal scrolling display

Once a connection is established, you can use your keyboard in a similar fashion to the HHDT and use the standard AEPOC menus and navigation to configure the unit and display data.