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ScadaPOC End Devices

Load Cell

Highly accurate Polished Rod Load Cell designed for Petroleum Industry beam pumping units.

  • Both 30klb and 50klb devices available
  • Protected to 200% of maximum load range
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hermetically sealed environmental protection
  • Full industrial temperature range operation
  • Repeatable linear response
  • Temperature compensated to maintain accuracy
  • Traceable calibration (to NIST standards)
  • Coiled cable for best performance in all weather

Position Inclinometer

This Position Inclinomeer is specifically designed to provide the best dynamometer data possible and is compatible with all versions of Automation Electronics Rod Pump Controllers

  • Highly reliable solid state design
  • Full industrial temperature range operation
  • Accurate output designed for high resolution data samplling
  • Highly accurate digital filtering with fixed delay response
  • Accurate synchronization to load cell data
  • Sealed for environmental protection
  • Simple and reliable field installation